Surprise! Friendster Blogs now use WordPress, and Surprise! Friendster is HELLA Slow During Christmas

by Alexei Rivera | December 25, 2008 4:20 am

friendsterHey, look. It’s Friendster. The ugly 90-year old cousin of the hot, young and well-dressed Facebook. Its been a while.

Seeing that its Christmas, maybe it would be great to reminisce about your laggy profile editing and horrible application infrastructure… Oh hey, wait! Your blog, you changed your blog! You’re running on WordPress now, that’s great! Maybe someday you’ll be friends with the cool kids again.

No, I was kidding. We still hate you. It’s late and I’m updating my profiles before I pack up and do a little relativisiting and look at your sorry ass self: broken, slow, and non-loading. You might as well just redirect me to a 404 page.

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