My US wishlist / Finally bought a skateboard

July 16 13:54 2008 Print This Article

So what kinds of stuff should I take back to the Philippines?


Kidding aside, there’s really so many things you’d just wanna take home from here. Fortunately, I’m not stupid. So I’ve narrowed down the list to the feasible and cheapest / best ones to take.

Current List:

  1. Rock Band PS2 – the PS2 version has PS3 compatible peripherals at a bargain price. Rock Band for cheap, so irresistible.
  2. A  discounted new xbox 360 – its down to $299 with $25 gift card. not really practical but if I don’t go with the PS2 Rock Band, I’m going for this one so I can run 360 RB.
  3. A skateboard – bought mine today. always good fun to have one. built to order! (I scratched the tail end pretty badly on the same say. Good thing I took pics of it while it was still mint. Now I can pretty much go crazy on it now.)
  4. 360 steering wheel – its cheap and its nice. go figure.
  5. A fridge for my room! I saw one for 66 bucks.
  6. Probably get a year’s worth of xbox live gold subscription while I’m out here.

These are the things that are on my list right now. Probably will change every so often. (Obviously there’s always stuff like clothes and shoes, and the Filipino staple pasalubongs.) There’s also a few items off-list for my friends, which I’ll still need to get.

What else can you get out here for cheap and isn’t easy to find in the Philippines?

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  1. Gerard
    July 17, 15:39 #1 Gerard

    Try magic cards? PUTANG INA WAG MO SAKTAN!!!!

    kidding aside the rockband is sweet but id prefer you get the 360 instead! para mas masayang rockband sweetness (lets get ur pheripherals sa HMR)

    ayaw ko sumama sayo sa skateboardings mo! maiingit lang ako!!! ahahahaha!!!!!

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  2. Karl Iniego
    July 17, 16:30 #2 Karl Iniego

    nice one! bumili ka ng skateboard!! laro na!

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  3. panzerpuff
    July 19, 16:10 #3 panzerpuff

    Yup bumili ako ng skateboard — not your garden variety cheapo-shit kind too.

    Know any places where one could skate in the Philippines?

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  4. pacejillige
    September 23, 01:25 #4 pacejillige

    thats it, guy

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