On Metal Gears, Altair, and Filipinoes

On Metal Gears, Altair, and Filipinoes
June 15 19:29 2008 Print This Article


A YM excerpt.

We know its funny
Cause its mgs
Like, mgs IS funny
We know that for a fact
Its like GTA
We know GTA’s gonna be good
For a fact
You can bet your college money on that


So Big Boss is alive and Raiden had a sex transplant and there’s a new metal gear and its also a living breathing one instead of a machine. Also, Revolver Ocelot reveals his feelings for Otacon. and at some point Johnny Sasaki takes a dump. Yep, that’s metal gear
Also, cigs, and boxes, or drums
And dirty magazines
Yep, thats metal gear


Also Altair I guess
Cause Assassins from the past also need to collect some dog tags every now and again
And then you grab them by the balls
And totally make it look like its not gonna be made fun of by anybody with any slight hint of a green mind, or Filipino
Cause Filipinoes are Willy Revillame’s.
dumb shitty obvious sex jokes that were funny in the 60’s.

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