Random: Phoenix Wright, Rubik’s Cube, Won an XBLA

Random: Phoenix Wright, Rubik’s Cube, Won an XBLA
April 28 22:51 2008 Print This Article

So Phoenix Wright. I’m playing it. Trials and Tribulations. The third one. Yep, its definitely Phoenix Wright. Somehow I wish they added some new stuff to do though. First game had 3D clues, second game added Psych locks… third game? I don’t know yet. I’m a little less excited about the game, I don’t know why – maybe cause I couldn’t invest a huge chunk of time to playing it in a sitting these days…

Rubik’s cube – So I don’t know why, but I went and bought myself a rubik’s cube or two. First one was a keychain version costing 20PHP (50 cents), and I broke that one after learning how to solve it for the first time. The next day I bought a $4 one – much better. Spent the rest of the day memorizing the patterns and now I’m pretty decent at it. Why pick up a rubik’s cube? I guess I’ve always wanted to randomly find an unsolved one and just put it back together.

I won an XBLA game – Brain Challenge. Thanks to the active blogging of our friends Wuffy and scthyerage from http://thirdworldgamer.blogspot.com/, and Xbox Singapore.

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