Oh hey Virtua Fighter, how are you?

Oh hey Virtua Fighter, how are you?
April 16 00:34 2008 Print This Article

I’ve started playing the game and just going through the regular quest mode stuff…

Pretty decent fighter – after a long time without fighting games its great to just pick a game up and start bashing buttons trying to make sense of it all. Maybe its because I tend to find out everything there is to know about games before I play them – and this didn’t happen in VF5; Just plain old, stress relief on this one.

See normally I’d even try to find who’s top tier in this game before I even start picking a character. So that didn’t happen. And now I’m going through the paces with monkey chick Eilieen – probably not close to being top tier if you ask me.

Wierd how they didn’t put online achievements… Japan sure likes everything offline don’t they?

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