Rainbow Six Vegas 1 thoughts

Rainbow Six Vegas 1 thoughts
March 30 17:25 2008 Print This Article

As per usual, here I am, fashionably late to the R6V party. Why? Because I could care less. I don’t feel the need to play games as soon as they are out. Rather, I find that playing out the rest of your library while giving the game a good time to sit is most advantageous.

a.) cheaper price first and second hand

b.) more review coverage from gaming sites to learn from

c.) FAQs, achievement information, maps, etc

d.) patches, downloadable content

Whatever, cheapskate.

So Rainbow 6 Vegas is Call of Duty 4 with slightly sluggier graphics, tactical team commands, and a cover system. Whats missing from R6 would be the crazy difficulty and vehicle sections. The level structure is well paced to keep you loading the next area without feeling that you’d wanna take a break. You’ll spend most of your time poking a camera under doors and stacking your pals behind it before you command them to break in and clear the place up. (That is, unless you’re playing in normal difficulty. In which case, you can just run in and shoot people in the face without dying, a lot.) The ending isn’t very satisfactory and the campaign isn’t very long – but you may find yourself appreciating its brevity.

For a game that came out around the same time as Gears of War, Rainbow 6 Vegas brings back “realistic” squad based tactical shooting back in the hearts of action game fans everywhere.

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