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PS4 Wins Big In Next Gen Game Console Streaming–Adds 10% Spike To Twitch.TV

  We’re big fans of Xbox (360) here at The Technoclast but we still don’t know why Microsoft, in its infinite wisdom, couldn’t put Twitch streaming with webcam support and

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What’s Going On At E3: Microsoft–Kinect, Halo 4, Dance Central 2

Microsoft Interactive Entertainment’s Don Mattrick takes the stage   The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, just kicked off today with Microsoft’s Press Release held at the Los Angeles Convention Center

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HTC 7 Mozart Review + HTC Goodies Contest

The HTC 7 Mozart   It’s only been about a month or so since we’ve been formally introduced to the HTC 7 Mozart back at the Windows Phone 7 Workshop,

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We Didn’t Start The Flame War!

We didn’t start the flame war. Peeps were hatin’ on it ‘fore I left my comment: Yes, exactly. Nevermind that half of the games you mentioned are unproven and haven’t

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