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Shadow of The Tomb Raider – AN UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT (Spoiler Free Review / Analysis)

Well I guess I already spoiled it with the title. But I was definitely not impressed by “Shadow of the Tomb Raider.” The supposed concluding game for Lara Croft’s reboot

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review – Did Konami Play Us Like A Fiddle?

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is probably the last real Metal Gear game. Or at least, the last Hideo Kojima Metal Gear game. Why? Because Konami hates gamers.

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BTS 5/25/2013–O+ 8.15, Xbox One, Cherry Mobile Spark TV, AngelHack (Catch Up Ep)

  Catchup episode for the #BigTimeShow (We’re updating the podcast so it will be up to date.) Topics for this episode that aired on May 25, 2013 are: O+ 8.15,

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PS4 Wins Big In Next Gen Game Console Streaming–Adds 10% Spike To Twitch.TV

  We’re big fans of Xbox (360) here at The Technoclast but we still don’t know why Microsoft, in its infinite wisdom, couldn’t put Twitch streaming with webcam support and

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