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Black Mirror Season 5 Is Not The Black Mirror You Once Knew

First of all, how do you even call 3 measly episodes an entire season? Is it because instead of adding more stories they made the episodes so tirelessly long and

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“Kingdom” From Netflix Is A Visual Romp Of 4K HDR Goodness Set In Old Korea And Adds Zombies

Looking for a new TV series to binge on? Love the inter-personal conflicts brought on by K-Drama but want to see some crazy bloody action and suspense as well? And

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With One Cameo On Luke Cage Season 2, Marvel Fixed Danny Rand & The Iron Fist

I really hated Iron Fist Season 1. It was boring, it was convoluted, it made no sense. It made a master martial artist borne from intense training in martial arts,

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For Every Great Netflix Movie Like “Annihilation”, There’s Dog Turds Like “Game Over, Man!” That Make Me Want To Puke

Sometimes, its tough to be a Netflix subscriber. Especially when the majority of Netflix Originals don’t get the same review treatment as most theatrical release movies. Because why not? Watching

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(PR) Enjoy FREE 3-month Netflix subscription with LG TVs

For the third consecutive year, the latest 2017 TV models from LG Electronics (LG) have been recognized as Netflix Recommended TVs by the global internet TV company that popularized streaming.

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