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Nokia N9 Headed To The Philippines–Brings Meego & Buttonless Swipe Interface

The Nokia N9   It’s official! The Nokia N9 is coming to the Philippines – bringing with it its unique Meego OS and a new buttonless form factor. The new

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Details On Nokia’s New Strategy

Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 Prototype   With Nokia’s new partnership with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, there have been a lot of questions as to what happens to some of Nokia’s

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Massive Nokia N900 Review; Maemo’s Merits

Nokia N900   A while back, the cool guys at WoMWorld Nokia sent me a trial N900 phone to test out and give it a good run through. While I’ve

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I Need A New Phone – Part 2: In Defense of A Good Cameraphone

My Battle Hardened Nokia N8 (Image by: Nokia N900’s 5MP Carl Zeiss)   Good cameraphones are few and far in between. What comes out in the market are some mediocre

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Get Hyped! We Unbox a Nokia N900

  The other day I was contacted by the great folks at WoM World Nokia. They wanted to find out what I thought about Nokia’s powerful N900. (Which evolved from

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