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The Nokia WP7 Devices Are Here! Globe Has The Lumia 800; Smart Has The Lumia 710

  Remember when Stephen Elop said that Nokia would be moving on to Windows Phone 7 and world peace will happen shortly after? Man, that was such a long time

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Nokia Lumia 800 Epic Unboxing–1.4Ghz Windows Phone 7.5 Device (Video)

The Nokia Lumia 800   Thanks to our blogging friend Mr. Jerome Ancheta and the guys at Nokia Connects, we were able to borrow a Nokia Lumia 800 to unbox

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HTC Radar Unboxing (Video)–WP 7.5 With Improved Camera For PHP 21.5k/18.2k

Disclaimer: Model is not included in this video unboxing   Happy New Year guys! While we were sleeping (read: out for vacation), Santa (HTC) apparently dropped by and delivered a

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HTC’s Year-End Party Unveils Explorer, Rhyme & Radar–Two Androids & A Windows Phone

  2011 has gone a long way for HTC. Coming off its whirlwind success in 2010, it came in strong and released a slew of interesting products that included some

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