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Microsoft Is Killing Off Their Streaming Platform Mixer

After recently spending a rumored $30 Million to get exclusive streaming privileges for Ninja (the world’s largest streamer), and then later on Shroud for another huge sum, Microsoft has decided

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Black Mirror Season 5 Is Not The Black Mirror You Once Knew

First of all, how do you even call 3 measly episodes an entire season? Is it because instead of adding more stories they made the episodes so tirelessly long and

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“Kingdom” From Netflix Is A Visual Romp Of 4K HDR Goodness Set In Old Korea And Adds Zombies

Looking for a new TV series to binge on? Love the inter-personal conflicts brought on by K-Drama but want to see some crazy bloody action and suspense as well? And

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With One Cameo On Luke Cage Season 2, Marvel Fixed Danny Rand & The Iron Fist

I really hated Iron Fist Season 1. It was boring, it was convoluted, it made no sense. It made a master martial artist borne from intense training in martial arts,

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Linksys’ New Routers Offer Faster, Lag Free Multi-Device Connections

Chances are, your connection to the internet is probably slow – especially if you live in the Philippines. But I’ll tell you another thing that’s probably slow and isn’t helping

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60FPS Now Available On YouTube, Ushering Next Generation Of Online Video Content

  Fellows, we’ve seen the future and it is glorious – the gloriousness of 60 amazing frames, delivered in one second. For years we’ve been stuck with YouTube playing back

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