What To Expect To Android Flagships This 2021? Insider Spills Information

What To Expect To Android Flagships This 2021? Insider Spills Information
November 30 14:50 2020 Print This Article

The present year, 2020, has been a quite weird year to tech as launches of devices has been online only with the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Though, manufacturers didn’t falter with releasing their devices despite that albeit with delays for some. The devices put out some decent specifications such as the moving on with high refresh rate displays and 5G.

What do we expect of 2021? 

Tech leakster Digital Chat Station has shared information of what Android devices can potentially achieve next year. He stated that the device can have the Snapdragon 875, the platform Qualcomm has yet to unveil this December for smartphones. Aside from the processor inside, he also quoted “2K+120Hz”, which may mean to the display used. It may have a 1440p panel with 120Hz refresh rate.

In terms of charging, 200W of rating was stated in his Weibo post, in which pushes further in terms of fast charging speeds.

This is phenomenal as the current Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra charges blazingly fast with the 120W rating.

More powerful cameras and zooming range for up to 150x, assuming digital zoom, are also quoted by the leakster. 

Now, there aren’t any evidences that hold these claims, so take it with a grain of salt. Though, Digital Chat Station has been a pretty reliable tipster with a solid track record. He may mean one device or multiple devices, or a certain feature on just a device or all of it. Nothing is for sure for now, but it is interesting that tech has so much room for improvement given how crazy specs nowadays are.

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