RUMOR: Xiaomi Places Orders Of Quad HD And High Refresh Rate Displays

by Ray Kyle De Castro | November 20, 2020 12:04 pm

A recent rumor from Digital Chat Station has surfaced since he published a Weibo about Xiaomi. This is regarding about the Chinese firm placing orders of 2K high refresh rate displays. 

High specced displays is no stranger to Xiaomi themselves. The company has introduced a variety of devices such as the Mi 10 series with excellent OLED panels and even as low as budget devices like the POCO X3 and Mi 10T Lite garnering high refresh rate, albeit an IPS panel, display. 

Going back to the rumor, there were no indication on which device will utilize the said displays. But it is highly probable that this is a flagship device from the manufacturer. Safely, the Mi 11 or the much awaited successor of the Mi MIX 3. 

Aside from the display, next flagship handsets from Xiaomi is likely to have a Snapdragon 875, a much larger battery and a very powerful charging configuration alike to the Mi 10 Ultra. Evident also to the recently announced 80W wireless charging tech. 


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