Snapdragon 875 Plus Is Now Rumored As Suggested By Tipster

by Ray Kyle De Castro | November 11, 2020 7:52 pm

Qualcomm has been the staple for our devices. Usually, flagship devices from any manufacturer seek to Qualcomm for their processing prowess. As tradition, the firm is expected to unveil their new flagship chipset for 2021 devices before the year closes, however, it seems that they have something up to their sleeve this year. 

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 (Credit: Techradar)

Roland Quandt from Twitter has first tweeted that the Snapdragon 875 or referred as “SM8350” has a codename of Lahaina. In addition to “Lahaina”, he added that the chipmaker is also working on a “lahaina+”. 

Details of this “lahaina+” model is scarce, so your guesses are as good as ours. Though we might have a clue on what Qualcomm has in sights for the chip. 

For starters, ARM recently announced their ARM Cortex-X1 CPU design for those who have worked with them closely. It is possible that Qualcomm have got their grasp with this design and had implemented this into the alleged chip. Qualcomm may bring life to this chip in purpose with the rise of gaming-centric devices that needs more oomph compared to their traditional roadmap flagship chips. 

For now, that is the best speculation that we manage to think of. What do you think of Qualcomm extending their flagship roster. 





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