RUMOR: LG Ignores Snapdragon 875 In Favor Of Midrange Qualcomm Chip

RUMOR: LG Ignores Snapdragon 875 In Favor Of Midrange Qualcomm Chip
October 23 15:30 2020 Print This Article

LG has been known to sway away from flagship Qualcomm platforms with the recent release of the Velvet which has the Snapdragon 765G instead of the Snapdragon 865 found on other flagship devices. This time, LG might be ready to repeat that move again, atleast according to this rumor. 

Sleepy Kuma from Twitter has tweeted a forum source from Korea that LG has allegedly ignored the upcoming Snapdragon 875 chipset in favor of the upcoming upper midrange chipset from the American chipmaker. There were no reasons stated on the source. Though speculatively, it may be the same reason last time, price. 

Qualcomm has hiked the prices of their flagship platforms, notably the Snapdragon 865. This rumor might be a precursor that Qualcomm may raise their prices again with the Snapdragon 875. This has been also rumored a while back as well. 

This will be a key factor in future devices, not just from LG, about prices of smartphones in general. This is true since Qualcomm dominates as manufacturers have huge access to their library of mobile platforms.
Again, none of these rumors have evidence backing into it. Take these with a grain of salt. 

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