Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Poster Reveals Specifications

by Ray Kyle De Castro | October 15, 2020 8:15 pm

A poster from Samsung surfaces out online in which details the specifications of a rather promising device. The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G is  appearing to have decent specifications with a slight drawback based on its specifications listed. 

For starters, the unnamed octa core processor listed on the poster is rumored to be the Snapdragon 750G mobile platform. This is found on the Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite.

As benchmarks say, it will offer above average performance. It is also ready for 5G, futureproofing isn’t an issue with this chip. 

Aside from the exemplary choice of a performance package, it has multiple variants with either 4,6,8GB of RAM and a lone 128GB storage that offers microSD card expansion for up to 1TB. 

The display is a letdown, it stretches at a large 6.6-inch OLED panel although, at a 720p resolution. This is rather poor since it stretches large at 6.6-inches diagonally.

Anyways, the display aside the 48MP quad camera system and a 20MP selfie shooter are dutied for camera capabilities. The specifications are detailed below. 

In terms of battery, it has a large 5000mAh pack and paired with a 720p display it is speculated to deliver exceptional battery life. It also runs on the usual flavor of Samsung’s take on Android, OneUI 2.

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