GamaKay / Womier K87 Glazed RGB Mechanical Keyboard Impressions (PHP 4,000 / US$ 80)

by Alexei Rivera | September 18, 2020 12:42 pm

Looking for that unique RGB iS LaYf type of keyboard that literally lights up your entire room with its bright RGB LED keys and fancy frosted acrylic backplate design? Well look no more, because Womier / GamaKay is now selling their K87 mechanical gaming keyboard with a glazed RGB keyboard body design for PHP 4,000 / US$ 80 and is available on Banggood here[1]! But if you wanna see our initial impressions of it before the full review, check out our video embedded above from our Extras channel. (Or read up on more specs below!)

GamaKay / Womier K87 – PHP 4,000 / US$ 80[2]

Please note: We found more buttons to control the outside ring of glazed RGB lights and some hidden function keys not included in the manual. We’ll include that info in the review coming soon!

The Womier / GamaKay K87 is available now at Banggood[3] for the aforementioned price of PHP 4,000 / US$ 80. Check it out if you’re interested!

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