LG Wing 5G: Experimental LG Is Now Back

by Ray Kyle De Castro | September 14, 2020 2:08 pm

LG recently is on the sideline polishing devices in its core basics with the V60 and the Velvet. But now, after so many leaks of photos, renders and even a video. LG has surfaced above the radar, with its Wing, to offer something different. Akin to the LG G5, the LG Wing, is the experimental LG we knew in the yesteryears.

According to the leaked render by Evan Blass of evleaks, the Wing has a rotating screen. The device is composed of two slabs wherein a screen is equipped on the top and half a screen at the under. The top rotates/swivels 90° making a “T” form factor. Aside from that, the render shows that the Wing has three rear cameras positioned at the top right of the rear of the device on a rectangular module.

Also, a video surfaced on YouTube which has the device on hands-on. This shows more of the mechanism, ergonomics and the thickness of the device. It appears to be thin even though with two slabs, one with the rotating screen.

As for the specifications of the device, it has the Snapdragon 765G. No other information has been identified. For its price, it is expected to retail at $915 or PHP 45,000 directly converted.

What do you think? Does LG venturing again into the new form factor and offer something different worth a shot?



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