Upcoming Xiaomi Device Spotted On Subway. Rumors Point To The Redmi Note 10

by Ray Kyle De Castro | September 13, 2020 5:46 pm

Multiple photos circulating online shows an unknown Xiaomi device with a punch-hole cutout on the center. The device is housed on an “anti-leak” case while being used by someone in the subway. The name of the device nor any of its specifications has yet to be identified as of now.

Though there are notable hardware features that hint components used such as the display used. The device, despite being in a protective cover, shows a side mounted fingerprint scanner.

This may mean that the phone itself dons an LCD panel instead of an AMOLED. Which Xiaomi traditionally equips any of their recent devices with an under display fingerprint scanner. Now, multiple tipsters have speculated that this device will be the Redmi Note 10 or one of the device along with the Xiaomi MI CC series. It is worth noting that the use of an LCD panel is a hint in what price point the device is in eventually.

Adding to that, a listing from a Chinese e-Commerce website has identified the price of the device to be 999CNY or PHP 7.1K directly converted. Although, this may be only a placeholder price for that particular listing.


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