Samsung Galaxy S21 Leaks, Battery Capacity, Processor Identified

Samsung Galaxy S21 Leaks, Battery Capacity, Processor Identified
September 10 20:03 2020 Print This Article

With just months after the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 launch, rumors and leaks with the S21 starts to emerge.

CCC certification which unravels the battery capacities of the future flagship models.

Firstly, a certification from CCC confirms the battery capacities of the lineup. Model EB-BG991ABY lists at a capacity of 3,880mAh, this is alleged capacity for the standard S21 which may round up to a 4,000mAh cell. This marks no upgrade compared to the Galaxy S20’s 4,000mAh cap.

Meanwhile, model EB-BG996ABY shows a 4,660mAh rating which may round up to 4,800mAh in capacity. 300mAh on top of the S20+ battery may offer an extra half an hour or two in usage, excluding the improvements which a 5nm chip may bring.

Speaking of chips and silicon, the S21 is expected to pack the Snapdragon 875 in select markets such as the U.S., China and South Korea while the Exynos 1000 with the rest of the world. Samsung has been on hot water with the Exynos 990 faltering behind Qualcomm’s offerings and even being beaten by midrange chipsets.

Also, rumors from Twitter that the 1000 may not bring the awaited AMD GPU which they have promised for quite a while now. Samsung is expected to unveil the devices early next year.


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