Vivo Develops New RGBW Matrix Technology For Camera Sensors, To Hit Smartphones Next Year

by Ray Kyle De Castro | September 8, 2020 4:00 pm

Yesterday, Vivo has announced that they have been developing their own image sensor since last year. It uses an RGBW color filter bayer technology which they claim can catch 200% more light than the traditional RGGB sensor.

Also in comparison is Huawei’s RYYB sensor, vivo also claimed that their tech can more sensitive to light by 60% while also preventing the color cast issues of the RYYB sensors bring.

Sony used the tech way back to catch more light with some of the Xperia cameras. Though, 8 years ago has not much to offer when it comes to software algorithms which can correct the resolution loss. Now, modern software are capable to handle that. This hopefully will optimize the usage of the matrix. 

Vivo is expecting to launch the tech to devices next year, devices with the matrix are now being developed.
We will keep our eyes peeled, especially to flagship devices, that will feature the following technology. Will this be the key for vivo claiming the throne as the smartphone camera king? Only time will tell.


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