Mi Store PH Launches 2K UltraWide Curved 144Hz Monitor For Only PHP20k!

by Alexei Rivera | August 11, 2020 9:37 pm

If you’re a bit of a monitor geek like me, this might be quite interesting. Mi Store Philippines has just announced the availability of a new box of pixels – the Mi Surface 34″. And this has some of the highest specs you can get for under PHP 20k – 34″ Ultrawide (3440×1440) at 144hz. To give you a bit of perspective, about a year or so ago, I paid about PHP 23k to get a 34″ 3440×1440 100hz Display. This gives you 44 more refreshes a second for less money and with what looks to be a better overall design in my opinion. If I had anything to complain, it would just be that the 1500R curve is a little curvy for me. 1800R would have been nicer. Anyway, more specs, pictures and info are below.

Mi Surface 34″ – PHP 19,990

For more info, check out Mi Store Philippines’ FB page about the product announcement here[1].

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  1. Mi Store Philippines’ FB page about the product announcement here: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorizedMiStore/posts/1428663807329767?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARCRu3hM00A4Un9si60A-tCif_JKoGa-Hvhb_S051dbtRhUwiqIS2CGtxBLtKCj6Ed_WvacxJk5vRGMPmw5vPXmNLbzZImKVISCMqZG09K5BlQZIrUxJhL8_tg2tWfl_WDL4-3CocKADEmNVhvT5sosnL7fBlMhIuqPHI7LOkFhpqfZYg22CExt4pXgphW_Hg-jZyShe8p2RoRXFuyqSvcsebS12gnExZosFch5RLRqAUem5_8DmMGeYMo19hhi0BoY4-bUBJmYFoPkvIrIwifbTBEO7c5q5R0xfjT2dZGXp791D-OTQN4c8lj_rm4loMSj0kFawxTwltbFt8jGjhZ4T9g&__tn__=-R

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