Microsoft Is Killing Off Their Streaming Platform Mixer

Microsoft Is Killing Off Their Streaming Platform Mixer
June 23 12:14 2020 Print This Article

After recently spending a rumored $30 Million to get exclusive streaming privileges for Ninja (the world’s largest streamer), and then later on Shroud for another huge sum, Microsoft has decided to shutter their game streaming platform Mixer and partnering with Facebook Gaming.

In an announcement posted today – surprising a lot of Mixer partners and affiliates – Mixer will close its doors on July 22, 2020 (a month after the announcement) and will encourage it’s streamers to use FB.GG (Facebook’s game streaming platform.

While it was never expected to become a huge success, Mixer was Microsoft’s competitor to incumbent streaming service Twitch.TV. Last year, they spent a huge sum picking up top streamers including Ninja and Shroud in an attempt to gain more viewership but now it does seem to be obvious that its not going their way.

According to data posted by @SkillUpYT, Mixer only grew 0.2% from April 2019 to April 2020, which is a terribly small number, compared to the industry doubling itself over the year and competitors growing exponentially in comparison. After considering that data, we doubt anyone at Mixer would really be raring to continue pushing the platform.

What’s sad though is that Mixer was a legitimate way to stream and earn money for a lot of small streamers who didn’t call Twitch or Facebook their home. And this means these small streamers are basically retrenched employees that need to find possible work through other means – be that be streaming on other platforms or other forms of employment.

Microsoft, Shroud and Ninja will be alright, so keep tabs on your favorite streamers as to what they’ll do.

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