MediaTek Dimensity 800 Variants, Includes Dimensity 820,800 And Another Unannounced Rumored Variant

by Ray Kyle De Castro | June 17, 2020 5:36 am

Recently, MediaTek has released extensions of their main series of higher end mobile platforms. These include the MediaTek Dimensity 820, which is a buffed up Dimensity 800 with a lot more punch. And the MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ which reaches atop the chain in terms of performance closing the large disparity from other manufacturers such as Qualcomm, HiSilicon and Samsung.

A tipster from Weibo has shared more information about the current Dimensity 800 series. He noted that the standard Dimensity 800 has two more versions, one which runs at 2.6GHz and the other 2.2GHz. The former may refer to the recently released MediaTek Dimensity 820. The 2.2GHz may offer slight upgrades from the Dimensity 800. 

iQOO Z1 with a Dimensity 1000+ chip

As of right now, MediaTek has debut their chips in a number of devices such as the Redmi 10X 5G and the iQOO Z1. Also in the rumor mill include the Huawei Enjoy Z and the iQOO U1. The following devices carry the flag for MediaTek in reaching more users with their 5G mobile platform.


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