Vivo S6 details and specifications. Allegedly supports 5G and a pill punch-hole cutout.

by Ray Kyle De Castro | March 21, 2020 7:44 pm

Vivo has been teasing their Vivo S6 device on their official Weibo channel. It features 5G capabilities and will feature a lightweight heft.


The Vivo S6 will support 5G. It is rumored that the device will be powered by an Exynos 980 chip from Samsung, this is revealed by a popular tipster on Weibo. This was released by Samsung to cater midrange devices with 5G. Vivo has already used Exynos chips just recently with their Vivo X30 touting the same system on a chip. 

On their latest teaser, the Vivo S6 will be lightweight. It will be also ultra-thin. Although this raises a concern for battery capacity. Especially when 5G, a key selling point of the device, is a really taxing use of power. This is assuming that the S6 has a lower battery capacity in which devices have atleast 4000mAh nowadays.


A latest teaser from a leakster on Weibo shows a pill-punchhole cutout. This is identified to be the Vivo S6. The cutout has two cameras residing between the screen. As for the other camera’s functionality, it is unknown as of now. 

Prices are yet to be unveiled at launch. 

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