Samsung Galaxy Tab A With S Pen (2019) Is Yours For PHP 16k

by Alexei Rivera | May 15, 2019 5:05 am

I still like tablets. Some people think they’ve been replaced by big phones. I think those people never tried to read a comic book, eBook, or tried to monitor a remote camera without their eyes squinting closed. (Bonus: only tablets with pressure sensitive pens are good for drawing – Galaxy Notes are a bit too small for that.) So there. That’s why I think the new Galaxy Tab A With S Pen (2019) – yeah Samsung has a way with names – is pretty cool. Its a PHP 16k (US$300) tablet that offers a pressure sensitive stylus, 1080p+ display, Octa-Core performance, in your somewhat getting rare 8-inch tablet form factor. And given that there’s not a lot of competition out there, we’re still surprised its not too expensive. Its available now, but check out the specs below to find out more.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A With S Pen (2019) – PHP 15,990 / Est. US$ 300

The GTAWSP 2019 (yes we’re abbreviating the name) is available now in black and gray colors for the aforementioned price of PHP 15,990 / Est. US$300. Check it out next time you’re at any Samsung Authorized store nationwide!

For more info on the tablet, click here[1]!

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