The Huawei P30 Pro Is A Cameraphone With Crazy 50x Zoom

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Well maybe you live under a rock or waiting for us to write about it, but you’ve probably heard of a little thing called the Huawei P30 Pro. It’s the Chinese tech brand’s new “photography” flagship – which is likely what the ‘P’ stands for and it shows: the P30 Pro has got 4 cameras in the back with some crazy innovative new features – so many we probably won’t even be able to cover everything here but we will try.

Few things to note here: the P30 Pro has a crazy periscopic 5x Zoom OIS lens that allows the phone to take awesome zoomed in shots and can get up to 10x Zoom in Hybrid mode or up to 50x Zoom in Digital mode. Now, quality will be best at 5x but the 10x should still be fine for most uses and 50x is just way too crazy but gets you the range in a pinch.

Second, the P30 Pro has amazing low light capabilities. (Or at least that’s what we gather basing from the announcement) It features an interesting “SuperSpectrum” 40MP OIS sensor that captures more light than traditional sensors because it uses a special RYYB Pixel layout instead of the usual RGGB. We’re not fully sure how Yellow Subpixels help in light gathering but we assume it’s because it essentially picks up 2 Subpixels worth of light (Red + Green) instead of just one.

Aside from the power of the SuperSpectrum sensor, the P30 Pro has Huawei’s popular Night Mode – which is a specific camera mode designed to let you take long exposure handheld night shots with awesome results. It’s so popular that most phone manufacturers now are coming up with their own night modes to compete.

Wrapping all that off is just your usual Leica-aided Huawei image processing, a 3D ToF sensor, and combined with a 20MP Ultra Wide lens you get a phone with a large granular focal range zoom that ranges from 0.6x to 50x and excellent cameras – even scoring the top spot at DxOMark’s smartphone camera grading scale at a whopping 112 Points.

All that and we haven’t even talked about the phone yet. Well the device itself is as competent as you’d expect for a 2019 flagship. It’s IP68 waterproof, has thin screen bezels with a small dew drop notch, large Super AMOLED 6.47″ display (though sadly only FHD+), large 4,200 mAh Battery with fast wireless charging (and reverse wireless charging), and flagship Kirin 980 processor among many other high end features.

All these specs and capabilites puts the Huawei P30 Pro either next to or at the top of the 2019 flagship pileup along with Samsung’s Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus and the iPhone XS Max. And thankfully it’s priced quite competitively against them at only PHP 50,990 (870 Euro / US$ 970) for the Pro variant. Believe it or not it’s more expensive outside the PH at an estimated PHP 59,000 / 1,000 Euros / US$ 1,120.

Which makes it all the more palatable to grab, especially if you’re big on photography – more specifically low light long exposure photos and long reaching zoomed shots. If you’re a budding Instagram star or influencer, this is likely the phone that will be at the top of your list for grabbing those share-worthy photos.

Surprisingly also, Huawei’s pre-order here in the Philippines throws in a Huawei Watch GT for free – an added value of about PHP 12,990, according to Huawei. There are even more, bigger pre-order deals out there, which we’ll cover on another post in more detail (one of them gives you a whopping free extra tablet to go with your phone at no extra cost!). Rest assured, if you’re going to grab a Huawei P30 Pro, you better pay attention these massive pre-order bonuses to maximize the bang for your buck. The pre-order period starts today April 5, 2019 and ends April 12th, 2019. Availability of the phones not yet known but shouldn’t be much later after the pre-order period.

Anyway, to see more about the Huawei P30 Pro, check out the announcement trailer video embedded above or read up on it’s full specs below!

Huawei P30 Pro – PHP 50,990 (870 Euro / US$ 970)

  • HiSilicon Kirin 980 Processor
  • 6.47″ 2340×1080 AMOLED HDR10 Display with Dewdrop Notch
  • 40MP Main OIS + 20MP Ultrawide + 8MP Periscope 5x Zoom OIS + 3D TOF Camera Rear Cameras
  • 32MP Front Camera
  • Android 9.0 with EMUI 9.1
  • 8GB RAM / 256GB ROM / NanoSD
  • Dual SIM LTE with Hybrid NanoSD Slot
  • In-Display Fingerprint Scanner
  • IP68 Water & Dustproof, IR Blaster
  • 4,200 mAh Battery with Fast Charging & Fast Wireless Charging
  • Reverse Wireless Charging

Now, we’d be remiss to not mention that the P30 Pro has little siblings – the P30 and the P30 Lite. The P30 is priced at at PHP 36,990 (631 Euro / US$ 700) and is a similar high end cameraphone with a standard 2x zoom lens and interesting differences to the Pro like a headphone jack, while the P30 Lite is the most affordable variant at PHP 16,990 (290 Euro / US$ 325) with midrange Kirin 710 processor and camera specs. We’ll cover these two in more detail in a separate post so stay tuned! (Follow us on Facebook for updates!)

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