Pre-Order A P30 Pro, Get A Free MediaPad M5 Lite!? Only If You’re Fast Enough

by Alexei Rivera | April 5, 2019 6:37 pm

A few very lucky people will be getting their money’s worth by a huge amount once they sign up for a Huawei P30 Pro (PHP 50,990) pre-order tomorrow (April 6, 2019) at the Huawei Experience Store in SM Megamall. As we mentioned before, Huawei is already offering a free Huawei Watch GT worth PHP 12,990 if you pre-order the new flagship photography phone, but they’re going to do one better and give you a free PHP 19k tablet – the MediaPad M5 Lite!

Its an awesome freebie, and as we said is worth PHP 18,990. Add that to the Watch GT and your total freebies for pre-ordering comes up to a whopping PHP 32,000! But, there’s a catch: you’d have to put down PHP 20,000 cash downpayment and be the first 40 people to pre-order at the Huawei Experience Store in SM Megamall. Hey, nobody said it was going to be easy, but a 19k tablet will be more than worth the trip if you can make it.

And that not only works for the flagship P30 Pro, you can also do the same for the more affordable P30 (PHP 36,990) and still get both freebies! That means you don’t really have to cough up that much money and you’ll be getting a phone + watch + tablet for nearly just the cost of the tablet and watch if you pre-order the P30.

So yes, that’s really cool but like we said: you need to put down a PHP 20,000 cash downpayment and be the first 40 in line. But hey, if you’re already going to pre-order anyway you really shouldn’t try to miss this promo for the free tablet.

If you can’t make it though, there are a few more pre-order promos we’d like to mention:

Abenson’s Pre-Order Offer

A.) From Abenson – pre-order either the P30 Pro or P30 and you can get the Huawei Watch GT plus an Abenson Exclusive Huawei CM-H1C Earbuds.

B.) From Lazada – lots of variants of pre-orders from official sellers who offer the Watch GT and some other things like: bluetooth speakers, headphones, bags, cases, etc. Go search for P30 on Lazada to see which ones you like.

Huawei P30 Pro – PHP 50,990 (870 Euro / US$ 970)

Huawei P30 – PHP 36,990 (631 Euro / US$ 700)

Of course, nothing will probably beat the free MediaPad M5 Lite tablet freebie, so if you have the small chance of actually availing it, might as well give it a try! Anyway, specs of both phones are below if you need a refresher!

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