Oppo A7 3GB Variant Now Available In PH

by Alexei Rivera | March 1, 2019 11:50 pm

Four Gigs of RAM, who needs it? Well, probably some of us (probably more than not) prefer more RAM. But what if you could survive with less and pay less too. Then maybe you’re in the market for this Oppo A7 variant with 3GB of RAM. Priced at PHP 10,990, this brings the budget selfie-focused, dewdrop-style notch weilding, classy designed Oppo A7 in a more bite sized price point.

TL;DR? Oppo Philippines have decided to launch a more affordable 3GB / 64GB variant of the Oppo A7 for about PHP 11k. You can check out more of it’s specs below!

Oppo A7 3GB – PHP 10,990 Available Now

The original 4GB / 64GB variant of the Oppo A7 retailed for PHP 13,990 – so essentially 1GB of RAM cost an extra PHP 2,000. Take that as you will, but at least more options are available now. Check it out in stores where Oppo phones are sold!

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