AoC Gaming Monitors Lineup Q4 2018-2019 feat. Pinoy Rig Enthusiasts (Tagalog Language)

by Alexei Rivera | December 22, 2018 3:13 pm

Back at ESGS, AoC gave us a sneak peek on their upcoming gaming 144 and 60hz monitors. But also since we had the opportunity, we had our idol effort man Mr. Alvin Pacheco to demonstrate the features and pricing of the new monitors. If you’re interested in affordable gaming monitors, then go right ahead and watch the video embedded above or read up on more of the specs below!

AoC C24G1 – PHP 16,596 / Est. US$ 310

AoC C24B1H – PHP 9,312 / Est. US$ 175

AoC 22B1HS – PHP 5,568 / Est. US$ 105

AoC G2590PX – PHP 16,236 / Est. US$ 300

Most if not all of these monitors should be available now, so check them out at any affiliated AoC stores! The 5k one is worth investigating for sure for extreme budget builds or cheap 2nd monitor, isn’t it?

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