GET YOUR OWN WALL-E For PHP 15,490 / Est. US$ 300 (Mi Robot Vacuum Unboxing)

by Alexei Rivera | December 19, 2018 2:43 pm

This Christmas, I’ve decided to buy my Mom a (Xiaomi) Mi Robot Vacuum. She’s quite a busy workaholic but since she’s a clean freak she always insists on sweeping her floors everyday – actually any floor wherever she may be. So I’ve decided to buy her a Robot Vacuum to hopefully take a little bit off her plate. There’s no guarantee she will stop cleaning but if an automatic vacuum can at least convince her to sweep a little less then I’m going to consider that a win in my book.

What does this have to do with you, reader? Well, you get to watch my unboxing video of the Mi Robot Vacuum and test out its capabilities for myself. Will you wanna take that journey with me? Of course you do! So go watch the embedded video above or read up on more specs below!

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum – PHP 15,490 / Est. US$ 300

The Mi Robot Vacuum is available now of course at Xiaomi’s Authorized Stores in the Philippines. Make sure to buy the ones from Grimalkin / Official so you can get the warranty. Also because the gray market pricing isn’t even that good for this guy. Anyway, check out the vacuum when you drop by your nearest Mi Stores!

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