HyperX Launches Cloud Earbuds & Cloud for PS4 In The Philippines (With Mic Tests!)

by Alexei Rivera | October 26, 2018 11:18 pm

This week is ESGS week, which is probably why HyperX also found it time to announce a couple of new headphones to add to their line of popular gaming peripherals. Technically the two new headphones are the Cloud for PS4 (PHP 4,890) and Cloud Earbuds (PHP 2,999 / PHP 2,069 at ESGS) which is their first portable “mobile” in-ear headphones. The Earbuds actually don’t seal your ear but sit outside letting you have a bit of side tone to the world around you. But we did test out the mic quality and it seems quite good. Anyway, you’ll see it and hear it on our quick hands-on video above which also include most of the other available HyperX peripherals in the Philippines (and mostly should be available in the rest of the world too.)


HyperX Cloud for PS4 – PHP 4,890 / Est. US$100 (more info here![2])


HyperX Cloud Earbuds – PHP 2,990 / PHP 2,069 at ESGS / Est. US$ 60 (more info here![4])

Both of these new headphones and the rest of HyperX’s gaming line which you can see in our video embedded above available now (except for the SSD / RAM units), so check them out at ESGS or at your nearest HyperX retailers!

Oh also, here’s some more details about HyperX’s activities at ESGS:

HyperX booth @ ESGS 2018:

Date: October 26th – October 28th, 2018

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Location: SMX Convention Center

Daily limited deal: Cloud Alpha, Cloud II and Alloy Elite 50% off with limited quantities each day

Daily raffles: Get a raffle ticket by every PHP 1,500 purchase and complete the survey at HyperX booth

Tekken 7 Sudden Death Tournament competition: Joining one of the 30-minute tournaments, attendee who competes sudden death round and wins at 30 minutes mark will get a Cloud Stinger Core Console Gaming Headset.

Ÿ   From October 26th to 28th – 4:00 p.m.

Stamp Rally: Collect 4 stamps out of 5 and get a HyperX Baseball Cap

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