Asus ROG Phone Launching (Or Maybe Teasing?) In The Philippines At ESGS – But Which Is It?

by Alexei Rivera | October 6, 2018 1:11 am

Honestly I don’t really know if this is something I’m supposed to talk about, but having seen pretty much most local tech blogs spill the beans I don’t think its very much a secret. Asus has sent us all an e-mail detailing a “Teaser” for the dedicated gaming ROG Phone will take place later this month at ESGS. Its a pretty beefy gaming phone with RGB lighting, upgraded cooling, 90hz OLED display, and a lot of accessories dedicated to maximizing the gaming potential of the device. Honestly, we think its the one true gaming smartphone, but that also means it’ll come with a price.

But I digress. The invite is worded quite peculiarly very safe. Normally, we’d get an invite and it would be saying clearly “we’ll be launching” something. But this invite replaces “launching” with “teasing” or “hinting.” Which isn’t the same thing in our books. Would it be a full launch of the phone or will it just be a teaser? Will it be available soon after or not? Important questions we can’t answer right now but at the very least we can be sure the phone is coming for sure.


Asus ROG Phone – Price TBA

ESGS, if you don’t know yet, is a huge gaming conference that will be taking place at SM Mall of Asia, SMX Convention Center on October 26-28. The ROG Announcement is slated for the 28th. Not sure what time yet, but will let you know if we find out!

So, are you excited? Did you save up enough money do you think? Hopefully we’ll find out on the 28th.

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