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A week ago, The Verge uploaded the worst PC build guide of all time. After the initial backlash, comments and likes/dislikes were disabled to stop people from seeing and leaving legitimate criticisms to the video. For a tech journalism company like them to continue to mislead their viewers by keeping the original video online and removing all methods of criticism is completely disingenuous. And at that point you have turned your back against your viewers and your journalistic integrity because you’d rather they see a bad instructional video than to acknowledge and correct the potentially dangerous, component damaging information inside it.

I’ve never been quite a Verge fan myself and noticed that in the past few months they’ve started to really fall out of touch with some aspects of technology like gaming / Android / PCs / etc. That’s fine, no one person is an expert at all things. But to pretend like they knew what they were doing and brazenly teach these bad habits to budding PC builders was the last straw.

So while The Verge has already deleted the video in question, my feelings are still the same. I’m not the best at making fun of terrible build videos and I do suggest you check out the other videos on YouTube that make fun of this, but I think more people should know how low The Verge’s credibility is. My video commentary on their terrible build guide.

If you want to see a Mirror of the original video, I’ve embedded one below here so you can see it all in painful glory. (From another YouTube user)

Think about it: I’m sure no organization that huge with 2.1 Million subscribers would just let a video be uploaded to their channel by just anyone. Cameramen, writers, lighting, editors, would have to see this video. None of them said anything.

Someone paid $2,000 dollars just for the parts. That person must as least be interested in seeing the video.

Someone paid many employees to produce this video. Costing hours of manpower, electricity, camera equipment, and studio time just to make it.

People in their organization has to have seen this video before it went up and none of them spoke up.

The only explanation is that none of them knew anything about building PCs.

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