PSA: Opening Of The Mi Store SM North Branch & Pocophone Armoured Edition Pre-Selling Is Postponed To Bad Weather (UPDATE)

by Alexei Rivera | September 15, 2018 12:00 pm

Mi Store Philippines has postponed the Grand Opening of the Mi Store in SM North EDSA today[1] due to bad weather from Typhoon Ompong / Super Typhoon Mangkhut. That also means the pre-selling of the Pocophone F1 Armoured Edition that was scheduled for today will be postponed for a later date. This is sad news for consumers looking to grab a Pocophone and/or Mi Products today, but its understandable given the amount of rain and wind we’re experiencing right now. We hope this PSA reaches you in time before you head out there though – we wouldn’t want to see people braving the elements and then once they get to SM North they learn that the opening was postponed.


Mi Store Philippines hasn’t announced when the rescheduled opening would be, but we’ll keep you updated once we learn any news.


Mi Store has announced the opening will be one day later[3] on Sunday, September 16, 2018!


So what do you think? Are you going tomorrow?

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