PERFECT EXCEPT FOR ONE THING – Asus TUF FX504 Budget Gaming Laptop Review

by Alexei Rivera | September 13, 2018 2:49 pm

After unboxing the unit[1] a few weeks ago, we’ve given the Asus TUF FX504 loaner unit we had a thorough testing, and we’ve found out it’s best and worst features. The first gaming laptop from the Asus sub brand “TUF” starts off with an entry level system with almost base level specs for a gaming rig – an 8300H 8-thread processor, NVIDIA 1050 GPU, and a nice 120Hz 3ms display. So what’s the problem then? Check out our full review video embedded above to find out.


Asus TUF Gaming FX504GD-EN045T – PHP 54,995 (US$1,000)


The Asus TUF FX504GD-EN045T variant we have here only has 4GB of RAM and it cripples the otherwise good performance of it’s i5 8-thread CPU, competent GPU, and really nice 120Hz display. We only recommend this unit for enthusiasts who can upgrade the RAM because otherwise Windows and games just don’t run on 4GB. If you do upgrade it even to just 8GB, you’ll find this config of the TUF FX504 a Good Value laptop that gets you in the door for awesome 120Hz content.


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