Pokemon Quest For Android & iOS Is Out – Free Game For Your Mobile!

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Have you ever wanted to catch ’em all on your phone, but instead of a good Pokemon game for mobile you got the lameness that is Pokemon Go? Well cry no more Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. Future Pokemon Trainer! You can collect all 151 original pocket monsters in an actual fun game for your mobile phone called Pokemon Quest! Its a sort of cubey-minecrafty looking game where you collect Pokemon, train them, level them up, and adventure through a map with lots of challenges and powerful bosses. Its really quite fun – we played the heck out of the Nintendo Switch version when it launched last month, now you can check it out on your phone! Check out the mobile trailer embedded above to see more of what its about.

Its still pretty hard to explain what the game is from just a couple of sentences. But you can be rest assured the tutorial for the game is very easy to understand. You’ll be collecting and sending your Pokemon team up to explore and battle the map in no time. One thing we can easily explain though is that it is a free to play game, so Nintendo does have some freemium type microtransactions like more energy so you can battle without waiting. (1 Energy regenerates per 30 minutes.) Thankfully its not so painful to wait a couple of hours while doing chores or some work / homework. Anyway, we’ll leave it to you to learn the rest of the gameplay mechanics. Rest assured, it’s pretty fun and a perfect game for your mobile phone.

Grab Pokemon Quest for Android here or for iOS here so you can start leveling up your <insert chosen Pokemon here> now!

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