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Hey you, wanna earn money but also earn the hate of all the gamers out there? Who in turn are (generally) struggling money-wise, but somehow have some sort of pride and misplaced value to their graphics cards that they can’t see it could be replaced easily if you earn money anyway. Well then welcome to the mining generation! No, this is not a networking scheme. This is cryptocurrency mining – or bitcoin mining for most people who don’t understand the distinction. You basically lend the power of your GPU to the internet as it does transactions for cryptocoins and get paid for it. That’s all there is to it. So if you have a couple of minutes, we can show you how. Watch our tutorial video embedded above and get filled in!

So did you like our super easy Kokak Tutorial? Are you now getting interested in cryptocurrency mining? Or are you just strictly against using your GPU for anything but gaming the max 8 hours(?) you have in your day to game anyway? Hey, the choice is yours!

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