BEST BUDGET LAPTOP 2017 (Alex’s Kokak List)

by Alexei Rivera | May 15, 2017 9:37 am

I keep getting asked about this and I generally try to recommend it every time but I don’t necessarily think I emphasize it enough – the Surface Pro 1 is the Best Budget Laptop by a massive margin. The 4 year old tablet / convertible / 2-in-1 Windows PC from Microsoft is a very powerful device and made really well – but it sells for a low price these days because a lot of its owners have been upgrading to newer versions. Because of how much I believe in the affordability of this guy, I’m willing to put it in the “Kokak List” – which is basically this new thing I made up to emphasize the best devices in various price points. Think of it like an “Editor’s Choice Award,” except I’ll award it to old (but still good) products as well. But anyway, you really watch our video feature embedded above to really find out what makes this PC so good for its price.


Tips for people interested in the Surface Pro 1:

Well, that’s all we have for you. I really can’t say much more than what I already put in the video, and if you’re still not convinced I’m just not gonna keep trying and will let you buy whatever crappy laptop you want. If you think you spend more time doing laptop research than I do, feel free to make your own decisions. Otherwise, respect the Kokak List.

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