Rapoo’s VPRO Line Has Some Ridiculously Affordable Mechanical Keyboards

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Well if you read the title of this article, you’d know what we’re going to say – Rapoo’s VPRO line has some really affordable mech keyboards for you to buy. However, they also have some mice and headsets for you to check out, and that’s why you should always read the article! Anyway, we digress. The Chinese company has just launched several gaming peripherals in their VPRO line and the most interesting ones land in the mech keyboard line. They’re quite affordable – with the lowest priced one only costing PHP 1,265 or about US$25. We do suspect it may not be real mechanical though, but thankfully the other keyboard in the line are also very easy on the wallets but feature real switches. Check out our video preview embedded above to see more, or read up on their specs and prices below!

Rapoo VPRO Keyboards Price List (Specs are on the picture above!)

  • V51S RGB – PHP 1,265
  • V500S AL – PHP 2,020
  • V500S Crystal – PHP 2,110
  • V500L – PHP 2,690
  • V510 – PHP 2,690
  • V500 RGB AL – PHP 2,690
  • V700 RGB AL – PHP 3,365
  • V720S – PHP 4,540
  • V810 – PHP 6,730

Rapoo VPRO Mouse Price List (Specs are on the picture above!)

  • V25S – PHP 1,245
  • V26 – PHP 1,095
  • V280 – PHP 1,245
  • V310 – PHP 2,190

Rapoo VPRO Headphones Price List (Specs are on the picture above!)

  • VH200 – PHP 1,515
  • VH600 – PHP 2,945

We think some of the V500 line primarily fit the bill for a decent gaming keyboard with mechanical switches for a lot of budget-conscious consumers. They might not have all the bells & whistles of a top-of-the-line gaming keyboard, but since they’re mostly below PHP 3,000 or US$60, they seem just right. Anyway, check out these new Rapoo VPRO peripherals when they arrive at your nearest Rapoo retailer come May!


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