Best Gaming Headphones For US$50 / PHP 2,400! (HyperX Cloud Stinger Review)

by Alexei Rivera | December 29, 2016 8:10 pm

Kingston’s gaming sub-brand HyperX has been churning out some really big winners lately – and that’s never been more true of its Cloud gaming headset line. HyperX Cloud headsets are considered to be the best in the business right now – with 5 variants available targeting different demographics. Today, we’re trying out their newest product – the Cloud Stinger. Priced at only US$50 / PHP 2,400, its one of the least expensive in the entire line. But is it a good enough headset and worthy of the name? Find out in our full video review embedded above or read up on our summary below!


HyperX Cloud Stinger – US$ 50 / PHP 2,400






The HyperX Stinger is a quality headset priced at a bargain. While you won’t be able to find one of this caliber from other brands, the low cost still sacrifices a few things when it comes to it’s music listening quality. Thankfully we’ve not worn anything this comfortable and great for gaming in a long while and that alone plus the perfectly usable microphone makes this an Editor’s Choice awardee for sure.

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