This Gadget Wants You To Go To Sleep! (Huawei Band Unboxing)

by Alexei Rivera | December 24, 2016 4:52 pm

Sleep can be a good and bad thing. You can either sleep too much, or sleep too little. But hey for us lazy folk, any gadget that tells us that we should lie down and sleep is a good thing. That’s essentially what the Huawei Band does, among other things of course. It’s an activity tracker that also pushes out notifications and messages from your phone. Priced at PHP 2,990, what you’re getting is pretty much a lightweight, no frills smartwatch. But is it worth the price? Check out our unboxing video embedded above to see for yourself!

The Huawei Band is available at the aforemenionted PHP 2,990 price in Lazada[1] and the usual Huawei stores in malls.

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  1. PHP 2,990 price in Lazada:

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