by Alexei Rivera | December 15, 2016 12:05 pm

Nanotechnology! The term you keep hearing in Metal Gear Solid may finally be in our grasp in the form of a LIQUID (!!!) you apply with your finger. But don’t worry, instead of monitoring your blood and battlefield control (MGS nanomachines), the product we’re checking out is a nanocoat to protect your touch display from scratching. Yes, as a full alternative to adding another plastic layer on top of your display, NanoFixit’s coating will help prevent scratches on your device. Its an interesting technology and reminds us of how teflon changed the world of non-stick surfaces. NanoFixit[1] is also based here in the Philippines and they even have a 9H (Hardness Level; 10H = Diamond) hardness certificate from our very own DoST[2]! But does it really work? We try to find out in our video experiment embedded above. (Or you can learn more on how to get one below!)

NanoFixit products are available from Argomall’s[3] online store, directly from their website[4] or at their stores in some malls. Give it a try; it might save your curved display from an ugly screen protector. As for us, we’ll try to do more tests on our end and apply it on our devices – which is great cause we really hate those grimy plastic/tempered glass things.

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