Linksys’ New Routers Offer Faster, Lag Free Multi-Device Connections

by Alexei Rivera | October 6, 2016 10:24 pm

Chances are, your connection to the internet is probably slow – especially if you live in the Philippines. But I’ll tell you another thing that’s probably slow and isn’t helping – your router. Wireless technology has been improving rapidly without people noticing, and today it can even surpass wired Gigabit ethernet in theoretical throughput. But what’s it to the average customer? Well that speed and future-proof technology is what’s going to guarantee your wireless signal will reach for longer, won’t deteriorate in speed as quickly, and in the case of these new routers from Linksys, maintain connection to multiple devices much better. If you got a bunch of devices tethered to your WiFi, consume a lot of content and/or have a high bandwidth ISP connection, you might want to consider checking out the EA8500 and EA7500. Check out our quick video preview embedded above or some more details below to learn more!


Linksys EA8500 – PHP 13,990


Linksys EA7500 – PHP 10,590

Both of these routers are available now at leading retail and online stores – which include Complink, Octagon, PC Worx, Silicon Valley, Villman, and Thinking Tools. Check them out and upgrade your home WiFi now!

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