How To Play Pokemon Go In The Rain?! (KOKAK QUICKIE)

by Alexei Rivera | August 15, 2016 3:04 pm

Do you live in a place or go to a school that gets flooded all the time? Do you often find yourself using your phone in the rain? Would you want to take your non-waterproof phone swimming without breaking it? Well, maybe this product we’re checking out in this KOKAK QUICKIE video will help you: the Asus Zen Pouch! While we’re not sure if its available to buy anywhere, we sure hope you can find yourself one especially if you wanna catch those “water” Pokemon. Anyway, check out the video embedded above!

What could be the point of this video if you can’t get a hold of your own waterproof pouch? We’re not sure. Curiosity maybe. We actually really do hope this becomes available as its a pretty cool product overall!

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