Fat Princess Adventures Review – Lighthearted Hack & Slash For the PS4

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Fat princess adventures is not the same as it’s predecessor last generation. While PS3’s Fat Princess was a competitive multiplayer capture-the-princess type game, adventures is more of a casual hack and slash with variations of the multiplayer classes from before. Does the formula work? Well, you can find out here. What’s up everyone it’s Alex from theTechnoclast.com with a review of Fat Princess Adventures for the PS4.


Gameplay consists of the aforementioned coop multiplayer hack & slash with the chibi style characters that the series is known for. You can play one of four classes – the Warrior, Engineer, Mage, and Archer, which you can change into when you step in a checkpoint. There are two attack buttons to vary up your game, with a primary attack used on the cannon fodder enemies and a bash attack for shielded ones. But that’s mostly it – new weapons and armor drop from enemies and chests at a steady pace with special stats like fire damage, more defense against certain enemies and stuff like that. A super meter called the Awesomesauce lets you deal more damage when activated, and health is picked up via cake slices which can turn you a big rampaging fat character for a certain period of time. Overall the gameplay style is a little simplistic, with a tendency to become a button masher. The bosses provide a little extra puzzle challenge by figuring out how to make them vulnerable, but nothing innovative like you’d see in a God of War game.

Story as you might expect from this casual lighthearted endeavor, isn’t too deep. You have to save some such and such and have to go to the castle or cave or forest and talk to that NPC such and such. But that’s when the humor of the game shines through as it is riddled with funny dialogue – and they even go as far as letting you customize your character’s personality which influences your little comments throughout the game. You can probably finish the main campaign in about 6-7 hours, but there’s longevity in the higher difficulty settings, a survival type gameplay mode, and of course just kickin’ it with some friends online.

As far as the technical graphics and sound goes – its pretty high up there. Artistically they moved away from the cel-shaded style from before and into the more CG style of today – nothing wrong there. the game runs at a good clip and the sounds, 3D models, and style are all charming and well made.

Overall Fat Princess Adventures can be fairly simplistic – given the button mashy gameplay and simple story. At times it feels like it should be marketed to kids as an entry point to more hardcore games like Diablo and Borderlands, but some jokes and language are definitely geared towards adults. There’s some meat in this game in it’s whimsical romp through the world of Fat Princess and the loot you can pick up, but maybe not enough.

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3 out of 5
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4 out of 5
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For the equivalent of 20 (US) dollars on the PSN store it sits alongside big names like Minecraft and Little Big Planet 3, but there's nothing quite like it either. So if you've been looking that kind of simple hack and slash with minor RPG elements, then pick up Fat Princess Adventures and mash away!

3.67 Average 3.67 out of 5

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