Get Your Flux Capacitors Ready, We’re Live Blogging The Starmobile “The Future” Launch!

by Alexei Rivera | November 9, 2015 8:32 am

Good morning, smartphone fans! Today’s the day that Starmobile is set to launch a new smartphone, and it’s supposed to be pretty futuristic! (As they’ve said on their event invite[1].) So we’re giving you our own futuristic feature for today, Live Blogging! Admittedly nothing we haven’t seen before but something that’s not being done by other blogs so far! Anyway, the launch is at 11AM but we’ll keep you updated on the embedded live blog below. So just keep this browser tab open and it’ll update with info like magic! (Or the future!)

You can comment on updates and see the pictures soon as they’re up! See you at 11AM!

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