Microsoft Has Just Confirmed Ownership Of Your Toolbar; Heck, Your OS Might Not Even Be Yours

by Alexei Rivera | June 1, 2015 10:06 am

You know what I hate the most? People telling me what to do. You know what makes me¬†insanely angry? When something I “own” and have complete control over turns around and tells me to screw off. That just happened with my legit copy of Windows 8.1. Microsoft, in all its wisdom, just declared ownership of MY toolbar that I OWN and just said “Nope. This is mine.” What am I talking about? This forced toolbar icon trying to talk me into reserving an update to Windows 10. Do I want to upgrade? I don’t know. Did I want that toolbar icon? Christ no. It’s not even out yet and I’m already pissed off. Microsoft has just declared ownership of my toolbar – I’m just some idiot who thought it was mine.

What else does Microsoft own on my system? Well, aside from the forced SkyDrive / OneDrive icon I’ve never used in my life, have you ever wondered if you’re really in control of your own OS? Or did they just let you use it? Because that’s exactly what Windows 10 will be – a subscription-based OS. You know what’s also cool? A product I know I can own forever and still use 20 years from now. Windows 10? Probably can’t do that. Heck, I bet you there’s going to be toolbar popups telling you to subscribe every year too.

[blockquote style=”1″]Before you ask, there is no way to remove the toolbar icon as of this writing.[/blockquote]

Hey Microsoft, here’s a tip: Nobody cared for your DRM crap when you tried to launch it with the Xbox One; You think people like it now? We want ownership of the product we pay for and we want to do whatever we want with it. What if I came to your home and took a dump on your couch? Told you it was mine. Yeah, ’cause you just did that to me.





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