Highly Anticipated SKK Mobile Phoenix X1 Reportedly Arriving With Limited First Batch

by Alexei Rivera | October 29, 2014 7:14 pm



The highly anticipated SKK Mobile Phoenix X1 Octa-Core phone might be arriving soon in limited quantities for the first batch. If you haven’t heard, the PX1 was announced at an extremely affordable PHP 5,499 price point and packs the aforementioned Octa-Core processor and 5.0” HD display. We’ve been waiting for this guy to arrive since August and unfortunately has become sort of a vaporware joke in the Big Time Show Community[1]. But just like Duke Nukem Forever eventually did come out, maybe we’ll also see the PX1 released – and hopefully before Half-Life 3 comes out. (Yay for video game puns.)


In a statement posted on the Phoenix X1 Facebook Group[2], Big Time Show friend and SKK Big Boss JR Grate announced that the phone will be available in Limited Stocks for the first batch. There’s hope that the next batch will have full, general availability. Lord knows we’ve had enough “Limited Stock” sales these days. **COUGH** ZTE **COUGH** So anyway, below are the specs. And yes, it looks like a Galaxy S5.



SKK Phoenix X1 – PHP 5,499


Plus, do you know we travelled to the future and did a BTS episode about the Phoenix X1? You can watch that below! We talk about the phone at about the 48:22 mark.



Alright there you have it! Phoenix X1 is a thing that exists! Maybe. Hopefully nobody complains about the stocks as supposedly more is coming along the way. And remember, you heard it here first. (Unless you heard it elsewhere first and read this post later on.)



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